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How Do I Send a Fax From My Computer?

Want to get rid of that old fax machine and get started with internet faxing? Who doesn't!

But not the question is "How to I Send a Fax From My Computer?" There are several easy ways to send an online fax and here we will go over a couple of them.

Fax Server Network

This type of online faxing is best for network faxing. In order to get started with this you need to install special fax software onto your server and it will be available to everyone on your network.

This solution is best for offices and business where many workers will need to use online faxing so it is not a good choice for a home offices or personal faxing needs.

Fax Software

This is the best option for home or small businesses. To fax online you just need to install the fax software on your computer and you are set to go.

There are many great companies that offer fax software at low prices and they even offer more services to help you manage and store your faxes.

Internet Fax Services

One of the simplest ways to fax is by working with an internet fax service. For a small monthly fee you can send faxes from any computer without having to install anything.

Everything is done from your online account with the fax service. You will receive a toll free number as well and you can receive faxes from anywhere in the world. It is a great solution if you are on the go and you can trust and rely on these services.

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