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Online Faxing - Advantages of Internet Fax

If the many different methods of communication today, faxing is perhaps one of the most popular kinds. Faxing or facsimile, makes use of communication devices (such as a telephone network) to transmit a copy of a document from one place to another.

Faxing is popularly used either for personal communication or for business purposes. It's an easy and reliable method of conveying information over long distances.

Because of the advent of the more advanced Internet technology, even faxing has become more efficient and modern. We can now send fax documents online. This is done through the Internet fax.

Internet fax or also called as Email-fax or E-fax, is a communication method where a person uses the Internet and e-mail address to send and receive fax documents. The fax is transmitted with the use of an online fax provider and with a toll-free fax number.

Compared to traditional faxing, Internet faxing is more reliable, more cost-friendly and more flexible. Many people are converting to this type of fax technology today.

Internet fax has several advantages over the conventional method of faxing documents.

* You won't have to worry about getting a fax machine- Fax machines are bulky office equipments, and using them can cause several drawbacks, such as paper jam problems and extra phone line installations. With Internet faxing, all you need to have is an efficient PC with an Internet connection and a functional e-mail address. There's no more need for messy paper rolls.

* You can simultaneously receive multiple faxes- With the typical fax machine, you have to wait for a fax to finish transmitting before you can send another. This can be time-consuming. With Internet faxing, you can send and receive fax documents all at the same time.

* You don't need to print out hard copies of the documents that you would be sending. If you have a computer-typed document to be faxed, you need to print it out before you can fax it. But with Internet faxing, all you have to do is save and attach the document to your e-mail and then send it. You can also keep the fax messages in the e-mail for safe-keeping.

* Internet fax messages are more personalized and protected. Since you can store your faxes in a typical password protected e-mail, the risk of another person reading your fax documents is lower.

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