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Why Email to Fax Is Easier than Traditional Fax Machines?

If you’ve ever received a fax on standard fax paper, you know just how hard they can be to read sometimes. They do not always come through clearly which makes it near impossible for the receiving end to know what the fax says.

Then one person has to call the other to let them know that it did not come through clearly, and the whole process starts again until the fax is readable or another method is agreed upon.

I know more than once I’ve asked for email over fax because it’s usually much clearer.

A fax can be sent directly to email on the receiving end which will allow it to come through often much clearer than through a fax machine. Scanning a document onto a computer will often come through nicely, but when it is faxed, a lot of the handwriting does not come through.

Faxing to an email address rather than a fax machine will allow the document to be as clear to the receiver as it was to the sender.

That's why fax to email services have become so popular.

I've personally been using two great Internet fax services, MyFax and eFax for years and can't even imagine going to the old fax machines anymore.

How Does Internet Fax Work?

Faxing to email is a lot like sending email. It is not hard to do but will allow for quick results. If you do it on your own, you can take a document that is already on your computer, such as on the Microsoft Word program, and fax it to the receiving number.

There is software that you can download to your computer that will allow you to do this on your own. If you do this often, but don’t have the time to do it all yourself, you may want to hire a service to send and receive faxes and them email them to your inbox.

Either way you choose, you will end up with a document that is just as readable as if you sat and wrote it yourself.

A fax machine will first scan the contents of the document into its memory. It will then send that information via the telephone line, to the receiving party. The receiving party will have to then have the fax printed out on the paper loaded in the fax machine.

This paper is sometimes very flimsy and does not copy well. Even when the paper used is not flimsy, if the fax machine didn’t make a reasonable copy, then the copy that is received may be difficult to read. In that case it will have to be done all over again.

When using a fax to email program you will not run into this difficulty because the information will be sent to your email directly and you can either print it out or simply read what came through. Either way it will be much clearer via email.

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